With a great pleasure we would like to announce that preparation for this year’s edition of the EuroBSDcon has officially started. We encourage all individuals and organizations willing to support and help with the Conference to contact us without delay!

Your valuable sponsorship will ensure the success of EuroBSDcon 2012 by allowing us to bring in speakers and developers, provide them with accommodation, and facilities rental or allow specific good and services for the attendees (T-shirt, lunch, etc). Direct payment of speaker travel and accommodations will count towards your sponsorship level.

Platinium sponsors

Isilon Systems, a division of EMC, is the global leader in scale-out storage. Our over 2000 customers attest to that. Our mission is to remove the barriers that exist between businesses and their data. And our goal is to help customers get to the information they need, manipulate it and act on it.

iXsystems, Inc. is an employee-owned and operated company with a passion for customer service as well as open source hardware and software. We’re dedicated to tailoring servers to the exact needs of our clients to provide a targeted and unique product and customer experience. iXsystems delivers these custom-built Linux and BSD servers, as well as preconfigured servers and scalable storage solutions, to our customers around the globe.

WHEEL Systems Sp. z o.o. is a producer of original solutions in the scope of teleinformatics security. It specializes in authentication and authorization of users and in cryptographic data protection. The Company’s products combine innovation, simplicity of use together with powerful security mechanisms. This is the main goal our employees put first when designing new solutions.

Although our name is new, we have been in business for a long time. We have been working with BSD since the early days of the BSD open source projects, with UNIX since the early 1980′s and in ICT since the 1970′s.

It was about time to make the BSD operating systems more visible and better accepted in Europe and give companies and organisations that use BSD systems a place to go for help. That’s why we decided to join forces and make absolutely clear that we are devoted to BSD.
Having been around in the Open Source and UNIX communities for decades, we know many of the key players both in Europe and world wide. We are talking to many parties to establish a firm network throughout Europe to help customers all over the continent and make BSD a acceptable as some other well known open source software.

Gold sponsors

The FreeBSD Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the FreeBSD Project and community worldwide. The Foundation gratefully accepts donations, using them to fund and manage projects, sponsor FreeBSD events, sponsor Developer and Vendor Summits, provide travel grants, and handle legal issues for the Project.

Silver sponsors

In little more than a decade, Google created one of the world’s largest global computing infrastructures for both internal and external use. Using our unique technologies along with open source tools, we keep Google’s customer-facing products running, robust and secure. Our objective is to create solutions that allow people to work and communicate in new and innovative ways, giving back to the world’s technical community whenever we can.

Panzura optimizes enterprise data storage management and distribution in the cloud, making cloud storage simple and secure. Panzura’s revolutionary global cloud storage solution seamlessly combines the flexibility, performance and productivity benefits of distributed storage with the manageability, security and cost benefits of centralized storage, overcoming fundamental “administrator vs. user” and “budget vs. performance” conflicts. With Panzura, data location no longer affects usage. Panzura: Cloud Storage Made Seamless. For more information, visit http://www.panzura.com or email info@panzura.com.

Bronze sponsors

Madison Gurkha supports organizations with high quality services to efficiently identify, reduce and prevent (technical) IT security risks. Madison Gurkha is a totally independent specialist in the field of technical IT security audits, IT security consultancy and tailor-made solutions. Madison Gurkha works mainly for large (listed) organizations who only work with the top specialists in IT security. Madison Gurkha annually performs more than 350 IT security audits/tests.

The NetBSD Foundation serves as the legal entity which owns several of the NetBSD Project servers, handles donations of money, services, hardware or time to the project, and administers NetBSD copyrights. The NetBSD Foundation is incorporated in the State of Delaware, and is governed by a set of bylaws. The NetBSD Foundation is a non-profit organisation as per section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

USENIX is the Advanced Computing Systems Association. For over 35 years, it has been the leading community for engineers, system administrators, scientists, and technicians working on the cutting edge of the computing world. USENIX conferences are the essential
meeting ground for the presentation and discussion of technical advances in all aspects of computing systems. Our upcoming conferences focus on topics such as file and storage systems, cloud computing, security, system administration, and more. For more information about the USENIX Association and our events, see http://www.usenix.org/.

pfSense is a free, open source customized distribution of FreeBSD tailored for use as a firewall and router. In addition to being a powerful, flexible firewalling and routing platform, it includes a long list of related features and a package system allowing further expandability without adding bloat and potential security vulnerabilities to the base distribution. pfSense is a popular project with more than 1 million downloads since its inception, and proven in countless installations ranging from small home networks protecting a PC and an Xbox to large corporations, universities and other organizations protecting thousands of network devices.

Exonetric provides a specialist business-grade hosting service with the capacity to manage dozens of servers on a customer’s behalf, sited in a first-class data centre and on a first-class network. Alongside this, we provide a unique FreeBSD jail-based hosting service, now offering FreeBSD jails with 1TB of online storage for 30GBP/month+VAT. We provide consulting for individual projects and reliable hosting services. We provide software development for Internet-facing infrastructure general purpose Sysadmin skills for in-house projects or for systems outside the Exonetric network. Exonetric also provides support for a variety of Open Source projects, including the primary UK ftp mirror for the UK. Exonetric, at the heart of the UK Internet.

Media Partner

BSD magazine is a project devoted to BSD and open source solutions, both for beginners and experienced users. It is a free, online, monthly publication available for download from our website. We publish news and professional information concerning BSD world. In our articles we present ready programming solutions, easy how-tos and much more.

The Polish-language edition of Linux Magazine is published monthly with a double-sided DVD. Adapted for the Polish market, it serves IT managers, system administrators and developers. Advertising in the Polish edition of Linux Magazine gives you a unique opportunity to reach a vast number of IT professionals at a modest price.