Approaching Warsaw by plane.

If you are traveling by plane you want to arrive at the Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW).
The airport is located around 9km (5.6mi) from the city center and the hotel.

To get from the airport to the hotel, you can:

1. Take a taxi. We strongly advice you to use licensed taxi services only.
Taxi tariffs should be clearly displayed in the car window.
The taxi fare from the airport to the city center is approx. 40 PLN (~10 EUR, ~12 USD).
More info about Warsaw taxi services below.

2. Take a bus. If you are staying in Novotel Warszawa Centrum take bus 175
(running daily between 04:58-23:27) and get off on the “Centrum” stop.
The bus fare from the airport to the city center is 3.60 PLN (~1 EUR, ~1.20 USD).
Once you get off you should see the hotel.
More info about Warsaw public transport below.

There are other options, but the two above should be most convinient ones.

Approaching Warsaw by train.

If you are traveling by train you want to arrive at the Warsaw Central Railway Station.
Novotel Warszawa Centrum is a walking distance from the station or one bus stop.
You should see the hotel once you leave the station.
There is a pretty decent train connection between Berlin and Warsaw (~6h journey).

Approaching Warsaw by car.

You will need to pay for parking in Warsaw on week days, around 3 PLN (~1 EUR, ~1 USD) per hour. During weekends parking is free.

The road network in Warsaw is very complex. There were also some major changes
before the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship in June and many roads are still
under construction. Some streets are closed because a new subway line is being built.
All this means that if you decide to visit Warsaw by car, be sure to have a
navigation system with up-to-date maps.


The recommended taxi corporations are the following:

+48 22 8111111

+48 22 6444444

Both those corporations provide their services at the Warsaw Chopin Airport and
at the Warsaw Central Railway Station. You should also be able to order a taxi
by phone in English and pay by credit card (don’t forget to mention that when
ordering a taxi).

Licensed taxi car must have a TAXI sign on the roof and taxi tariffs clearly
displayed in the car window. Take a look at the tariffs if you are boarding a
taxi outside the recommended list to avoid surprises. A sane taxi fare is between
2 PLN and 3 PLN per km (~0.60 EUR, ~0.80 USD).

We strongly advise you to use licensed taxi services only.

Public transport.

Warsaw public transport consists of buses, trams, urban rapid rail and one
subway line connecting north and south part of the city.

The same tickets work for all types of transportation.
The ticket should be validated immediately after boarding the vehicle (or at
the gate when entering subway).

You can buy a ticket at newsagents or in ticket machines.

Theoretically it is possible to buy a ticket from a bus driver, but you have to
have the exact amount needed, you can only buy a single vehicle-and-fare ticket
and the bus driver can refuse selling it if the bus is late. In other words
avoid that.

We recommend using one of the following:
1. A short-term, three days ticket: 24 PLN (~6 EUR, ~8 USD).
2. A single fare ticket if you don’t need to change: 3.60 PLN (~1 EUR, ~1.20 USD).
3. A short-term, one day ticket: 12 PLN (~3 EUR, ~4 USD).
You will need ticket only for zone 1 (strefa 1).

You can read more about ticket types here: